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The API currently uses very simple dated versioning in the format YYYY-MM-DD. This is not to be confused with our model-versioning which is independent. All model versions are compatible with all API versions. The version must match absolutely to be applied, eg if 2021-11-28 is a version and you input 2021-11-29, the API will return an error.

The version is supplied via a Cohere-Version header and is used as following;


    If no version is supplied in the header, then the API will default to no version, meaning pre-2021-11-08. Important note that the SDKs will default you to the most recent version, which is currently 2021-11-08.


    This version introduces multiple generations, meaning that the generations endpoint will now accept a num_generations argument in the JSON and will always return an array of generations. See generate reference for details.

    No version (deprecated)#

    See specific endpoint documentation for details on how no version behaves