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Release Notes


January 18, 2022#

Representation Finetuning

Representation finetuning is now available in the dashboard. Upon uploading a .csv file in the format of [Examples,Labels] with a minimum of 200 examples, users will be able to finetune a baseline represenation model. For optimal finetunes, we recommend a minimum of 500 examples. Head on to Represenation Finetunes for more information.

January 16, 2022#

Embeds Max Batch Size

The Embed endpoint's maximum number of strings per call has been lowered from 100 to 5.

January 13, 2022#

Token Likelihood Endpoint

The Likelihood endpoint has been removed. To retrieve token likelihoods, use the return_likelihoods parameter of the Generate endpoint. Consequently, Likelihood is no longer a separate page in the Playground.

December 3, 2021#

Generate Feedback

We’ve added a feedback button to the Generate playground. If you come across a generation that is below your expected quality, classify the result to help improve the Cohere Platform.

November 8, 2021#


The API version can be specified by setting the Cohere-Version header to the desired date, beginning with 2021-11-08. The date must be a valid version.

Multiple Generations

Generate requests can use the num_generations parameter to specify how many generations should be returned. This feature requires the Cohere-Version header to be set with a version of 2021-11-08 or higher.


The Cohere Go SDK is now live. Head on to API Reference for installation instructions.

November 5, 2021#

Marine Life Model Update

We’ve adjusted our model offerings and bid farewell to the ocean animals. Instead, we’ll now provide access to three models: Small (previous seal), Medium (previous shark), and Large (previous orca). As a farewell to our ocean animals, we’ll donate $20,000 to an ocean wildlife foundation. Although code pointed toward our previous models won’t break, please update to our new offerings by December 1st.

October 6, 2021#

Orca Model Update

Calls to orca will now be faster, produce better generations, and have the context size of 2048 tokens.

This update is automatic. Any code pointed towards the orca model will start seeing these improvements immediately.

September 20, 2021#

New & Improved Generation and Embedding Models

otter (representation) is part of our new line of embedding models. Our tests show this line to run significantly faster and with improved performance on some tasks, and has an increased vector size of 1024 tokens. We suggest migrating all upcoming embedding usage to this model.

shark (generation) has significant advancements in speed and performance and now has double the capacity of tokens (2048). Any new calls to shark will be served by this new model.

August 9, 2021#

Seal Model Update

The updated seal model runs faster with a noticeable increase in quality, shown by our internal tests. This model is generally more performant across all tasks, especially those involving common sense, reasoning, and reading comprehension.

This update is automatic. Any code pointed towards the seal model will start seeing these improvements immediately.

July 21, 2021#

Choose Best Likelihoods

The Choose Best endpoint now returns scores, tokens, and token_log_likelihoods.

July 13, 2021#

Finetuning Validation

Sample validation is now available in the dashboard. Upon uploading a .txt file, there is an option to "Review your Finetine" to validate a set of sample training data.