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Playground Overview

The Cohere Playground enables exploration of different endpoints (Generate, Similarity, Choose Best, Embed, & Likelihood), model sizes (small, medium, and large), and settings (temperature, etc.). Begin experimentation using large, the most capable model.

New language model users should begin with Generate. Try out different tasks like summarization, Q&A, creative writing, or abstract reasoning to better understand capabilities. After using Generate, begin exploring other endpoints using the same iterative process.

Prompt structure directly impacts response quality. Review documentation on prompt engineering to maximize model performance.

Model Comparison#

Larger models are more capable of complex tasks but smaller models have faster response times. Here is a rough guideline for which model size to use for various tasks:

Large is the most capable model and can perform any task the other models can, with improved results. This model is well suited for challenging tasks including abstract reasoning, summarization, and complex classification. As such, we recommend Large for use case that include content moderation or semantic search.

Medium provides a great tradeoff between power and speed at an affordable price. Use it to power tasks including data extraction and copy generation for chatbots or marketing content.

Small is our fastest model and can be used for straightforward tasks including sentiment analysis, content rephrasing, and simple classification.

The models are listed above from largest to smallest. Larger models can perform all tasks accomplished by smaller models.