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Learning Resource

Learn some of the key concepts involved in language generation and understanding.

  • Finetuning is the process of taking a pre-trained Large Language Model (LLM) and customizing it with a dataset to excel at a specific task.
  • Tokens are words or parts of words that our models take as input or produce as output.
  • Embeddings are lists of numbers that represent a word, token, or an entire piece of text. Embeddings capture information about the meaning and context of the words or sentences they represent.
  • Likelihood is a measure of how “expected” each token is in a piece of text.
  • Temperature is a value that controls the outputs of a generation model by tuning the degree of randomness involved in picking output tokens.
  • Number of Generations is a setting that lets you generate multiple generations in a single API call.
  • Model Evaluation: Learn how likelihood scores make it possible to evaluate generative models