Training a Generative Model

Training a generation model consists of a few simple steps. Let’s go through the steps for training a generation model.

On the Cohere dashboard, go to the models page and click on "Create a custom model".

Choose the Generate Option

Click on the tile that says "Generate".

Upload Your Data

Upload your data by clicking on ‘Choose a .txt file’. Your data should be in TXT format.
If your data contains separators to distinguish between training examples, add the separator string in the ‘Data separator’ field (for example: --SEPARATOR--). If your data doesn’t contain separators, leave the field blank.

Once done, click on ‘Review data’.

Review Data

The next window will show you a few samples of your data that has been split. If you included data separators, the data will be split according to the separator. If you didn’t, the split will be done automatically.

If you are happy with how the samples look, click on ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.

Start Training

Give your model a nickname! Now, everything is set for custom training to begin. Press Start Training to begin!

Monitor the Status

You can view the status of training by clicking on the tile of the custom model on the models page.

You can also monitor a more detailed log by clicking on the status page and viewing the model's training journey.

As the model improves, you will be able to see the scores of the model also increase over time.

Once training is completed, the status will be shown as ‘Ready’.

To try out this model, you can either click on 'Try in Playground' on the models overview page or on the specific custom model page.