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Sentiment Analysis

Understand and classify the sentiment behind written reviews or any piece of text.

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Toxicity Classifier

Leverage Cohere to automatically flag toxic user-generated content.

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Text Summarization

Condense text into a short version that retains the most important information.

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Intent Recognition

Leverage Cohere to better identify users' intentions behind queries.

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Buildings blocks: 4 Endpoints

Build natural language processing products with just a few lines of code using just 4 endpoints.

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Generate text conditioned on a given input

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Categorize text into different classes

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Capture semantic information

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Split text into smaller tokens that our model understands

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Improve models accuracy with Custom Models

Customizing is the process of taking a Large Language Model (LLM) and training it with a dataset. Thereby, a custom model will perform better at a specific task than the pre-trained, default model. Customizing a model can take a long time. With Cohere, you can access ready-to-use models, right at your finger tips.

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